We are the perfect lunch venue. Lunch served 11 am to 4 pm.

Grilled bread, lots of gooey cheese and just the right amounts of compliments make our melts mouthwatering and worth the indulgence!Served with your choice of twisted taters or house fried potato chips


  • Provolone, American and Swiss cheese on buttery grilled sourdough

  • Smoked beef brisket, Swiss cheese, grilled mushrooms and onions on grilled brioche wheat

  • Brioche wheat slathered in cream cheese and cranberry sauce, piled high with sliced chicken breast and shaved ham, topped with Swiss cheese and red onion

  • Spicy tomato sauce, gooey melted mozzarella, sliced tomato and baby spinach on a grilled flat bread

All our burgers are 100% pure beef, 1/2 lb seasoned and grilled, served on a brioche bun with lettuce, tomato, onion and pickle with your choice of twisted taters or house fried potato chips


  • Ahi tuna, anchored with avocado mash atop a toasted brioche bun

  • Our 1/2 lb burger topped with pastrami and jalapeño white cheddar cheese sauce

  • Smothered with grilled mushrooms, onions and Swiss cheese

  • Stuffed with jalapeño slices, wrapped in bacon and topped with melted pepper jack cheese

  • Grilled to perfection with bacon & choice of cheese



  • Country fried steak over a bed of fresh biscuits topped with crisp hash browns & three eggs, smothered in our scratch sausage gravy and cheddar cheese

  • Thick sliced brioche stuffed with sweetened cream cheese, dipped in vanilla custard, grilled beautifully, dusted with powdered sugar and topped with strawberries, blueberries and whipped cream

  • Piping hot biscuits smothered in scratch sausage gravy made fresh daily

  • Hamburger steak over steamed rice topped with two eggs & smothered in brown gravy

  • Toasted English muffn split andtopped with two poached egg, lobster & hollandaise sauce with crispy fingerling potatoes

  • Diced ham, sausage, green chilies, onion, peppers, two scrambled eggs, hash browns and pepper jack cheese all rolled into a 12” tortilla. Served with salsa, sour cream and extra hash browns

  • Seasoned burger patty topped with shaved ham and a fried egg, sandwiched between two thick slices of French toast with maple syrup and bacon skewer

  • Sausage, bacon, hash browns, cheese and a fried egg in a grilled croissant with mayo

  • Minced red onion and bell pepper, linguica sausage and scrambled eggs over fresh fried flour tortilla chips and creamy white cheddar and jalapeño cheese sauce


  • Mixed spring greens, red onion, walnuts, feta cheese and crasins with raspberry vinaigrette

  • Crisp iceberg lettuce, hard boiled egg, tomato wedge, chilled tender asparagus and your choice of lobster, tender crab or chilled shrimp with thousand island dressing

  • Fresh spring greens, chunks of tender beets, feta cheese, mandarins, sliced almonds with sesame citrus vinaigrette

  • Fresh mixed greens, croutons, tomato and cucumber slices

  • Drizzled with our southern bleu cheese dressing, diced red onion, cherry tomato halves & sprinkled with crumbled apple wood smoked bacon



  • Three crispy wonton shells stuffed with fresh Ahi tuna, sweet slaw, cilantro and anchored in mashed avocado

  • Three warm flour tortillas stuffed with shredded cabbage, red onion, jalapeño slices, beer battered Alaskan cod and served with crema and lime wedge

  • Served with cocktail sauce and lemon wedge with fresh cole slaw & twisted taters

  • Snow crab sashimi, Ahi tuna, wasabi, sesame citrus soy sauce & chilled rice lightly sprinkled with crushed macadamia nuts, sesame seeds & wakame

  • 3 crispy fried strips, served with ranch dressing or bbq sauce

  • Beer battered Cod, deep fried, lemon and tarter

Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness